Puerto Rico Update

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Below is an update of Puerto Rico as of 10/26/17.

1. Heavy traffic continues with congestion in populated areas/routes, doubling drive times.
2. 83% of gasoline stations are reported to be open, with no waiting lines.
3. Diesel & gas demand is estimated at being now 5 times more than prior to the hurricanes, due to personal generator use.
4. Though 89% of grocery stores are open, products available are limited and fresh produce is limited.
5. Lines at grocery stores are long.
6. The electrical utility, AEE, estimates that they have restored 26% energy generation.
7. Telecoms claim restoration of 65% of capacity, though internet remains down in most areas.
8. The water utility, AAA, claims 78% restoration, though service is not constant in restored areas.
9. Congress approved $36.5 billion disaster aid package for Puerto Rico, west coast wildfires & general hurricane relief.
10. Metro area of SJU has seen the greatest restoration of internet and phones restoration.

As a reminder, all CaribEx Worldwide facilities in Puerto Rico are fully operational. Email shiptopuertorico@caribex.com for any quotes or questions regarding shipments to Puerto Rico.