Puerto Rico Update

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Below is a brief update of Puerto Rico as of 11/16/2017.


  1. Moments after 50% of “power generation,” was reported yesterday, 230K volt lines failed between Cambalache and Palo Seco. Exact power percentages on the island is unknown.
  2. AEE hopes to be able to energize more than 80% of the “walled city of San Juan” by the end of next week.
  3. It remains the goal of AEE to have 95% of the island with electrical services by December 15.
  4. The water utility (AAA) reports restoration of 90% of capacity, though what percentage of people have restored power is unclear.
  5. PR’s Secretary of Housing reported that an estimated 70,000 homes were destroyed by Hurricane Maria.
  6. The PR government recently began a program named “Tu Hogar Renace” (Your Home Reborn) to provide funds directly to homeowners to make repairs.