Madeline Chatt

Business Development and Trade Compliance Manager
Aguadilla, Puerto Rico

Madeline Chatt has been involved with CBX Global since her father, Joe Chatt, Sr. joined forces with John Ford to create the company in 1997. She remembers “going to the office after school (5th grade) and making all the photocopies.” She explains, “It’s in my blood.” Since then, Madeline has worn many hats and handled many responsibilities. Today, her current title is Business Development & Trade Compliance Manager for the Aguadilla, Puerto Rico office. Madeline also serves as the Dangerous Goods Specialist for the company. “I create and conduct the safety and security trainings for the employees as well as conduct the Hazardous Materials trainings and equipment handling certifications. I am also the TSA Security Coordinator in Puerto Rico and handle the interactions with most Federal and Governmental agencies.” When Madeline is not busy with work, she enjoys spending time with her family and traveling.